Dutch Tax Returns

OnestopTax BV is specialised in providing tax preparation services to foreign nationals living and working in the Netherlands either on a temporary assignment or indefinitely.

The level of taxation depends on your personal situation, your tax residency and the length of stay in the Netherlands. If there is tax withholding from your income, you and / or your partner may even be entitled to a tax refund. Finding the right professional assistance is therefore very important.

After determining your personal tax position, we can tailor the required services to your specific tax position at competitive fees, such as:

  • Transfer Year Income Tax Returns (M-type tax return);
  • Resident Income Tax Returns (P-type tax return);
  • Non-resident Income Tax Returns (C-type tax return);
  • Request for provisonal monthly refund with respect to mortgage payments or personal deductions;
  • Review of and appeals against Dutch Income Tax Assessments;
  • Request for child day care allowance (Kinderopvangtoeslag);
  • Request for health care allowance (Zorgtoeslag)
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