Payroll Administration

  • Are you a foreign organization with or without a Dutch entity and employees working in or assigned to the Netherlands?
  • Are you a (foreign) independent contractor working in the Netherlands?
  • Are you looking to outsource your company’s (expat) payroll administration?

OnestopTax can offer assistance and guidance in arranging your Dutch payroll!

OnestopTax aims to assist Dutch and foreign companies, expats and contractors with their sometimes complex and time consuming expat payroll administration. We offer assistance in the whole payroll process, including:

  • Registration for wage tax purposes with the Dutch tax authorities
  • Monthly payroll administration
  • Monthly wage tax return filing
  • 30%-ruling application and implementation
  • Advice on tax implications of allowances and (tax free) reimbursement of costs
  • Payment overviews of net salary, wage tax and social security

We ensure compliance with Dutch wage tax law, correct implementation of tax benefits such as the 30%-ruling and secure timely wage tax return filing, while the company can focus on its core business.

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