Temporary payroll solutions

  • Are you a Dutch organization looking to hire expats with work visa requirements?
  • Are you a foreign organization with employees to be assigned to the Netherlands?
  • Are you a company looking to hire an independent contractor with work visa requirements?
  • Are you an expat with the 30%-ruling and contemplating becoming an independent contractor without losing the 30%-ruling benefit?

We can offer assistance and guidance in the process! With over 15 years of experience in providing expat tax and immigration services onestopPayrolling (OSP) is an extension of our expatriate tax services. OSP aims to assist Dutch and foreign companies, expats and foreign contractors with temporary outsourced payroll solutions to enable a fast employment start in the Netherlands.

We provide temporary payroll solutions for companies that for example have yet to set up the legal registration requirements to employ expats with visa/work permit requirements.

OSP is registered as a recognized sponsor with the Dutch Immigration Authorities (IND) and can therefore payroll expats with visa /work permit requirements on behalf of companies, minimizing the barriers of recruiting that person with the specific expertise as a knowledge migrant.

We can directly payroll employees and second them to your company, while we guide your company in the process of setting up the required IND registration every step of the way including transferring the employee to your own company payroll once registration is finalized.

We ensure compliance with Dutch payroll tax law, correct implementation of tax benefits such as the 30%-ruling, secure and timely salary payments while the company can focus on its core business and stays in control of recruiting and supervising its employees.

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