Exchange of driver's license

Exchange with the 30% ruling

A side benefit to the 30% ruling is that you are allowed to exchange your foreign driver's license for a Dutch driver's license without having to take a test, irrespective of the country in which the license was issued.

Before we explain the procedure on how to exchange the foreign-issued driver's license we will explain when a holder of a foreign-issued driver's license needs to obtain a valid Dutch driver's license. It is decisive in which country the original driver's license was issued.

EU/EEA member states

Holders of a driver's license that was issued in one of the EU/EEA member states may use this license in the Netherlands during a maximum period of 10 years, unless it expires at an earlier date. After this period, the license must be exchanged.

Non-EU/EEA countries

Holders of driver's licenses issued in non-EU/EEA countries may continue to use their foreign-issued licenses during a maximum period of 185 days after becoming a resident in the Netherlands. After this period, the foreign-issued driver's license is no longer valid in the Netherlands.


Exchange of a foreign issued driver's license is only possible if the license was issued in one of the EU/EEA member states or in Aruba or the Dutch Antilles except for employees who are entitled to the 30% ruling.

Applications for exchanging foreign-issued driver's licences have to be addressed to the local municipality. The following documents must be submitted:

  • the original foreign-issued driver's license
  • a birth certificate or a certificate of residence from the municipality
  • two identical, recent passport photographs.

Employees who exchange their driver's license with the 30% tax ruling also need to submit:

  • a copy of the ruling issued by the Foreign Tax Department
  • and a statement of capability which can be requested at the local municipality through an application form.

Regular driving test

If it is not possible to exchange a foreign-issued driver's license into a Dutch license, the regular Dutch driving test must be taken. The Dutch driving test consist of a theory exam and a practical test.

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